With 16 sources and over 10,000 variables, we fill in the blind-spots of your customer personas.


We create fully customized interactive insights dashboards, just like your in-house marketing science teams.


We can ingest infinite amounts of data from across all internal and external data sets.


Our Core Capabilities

You've got questions. We've got answers, backed by science, 
tailored to your needs and marketing strategies.

Interactive Insights Dashboard

Don’t know where to start when it comes to your data and marketing science strategy?

We can help you answer your most burning marketing science questions using data-backed answers. Our fully customizable, interactive insights dashboard analyzes and produces the correct answers to your business questions using our proprietary AI technology. You pay only for what you need and the data required - you ask, we build! It's like an on-demand marketing science team without the high costs.

Consumer Insights APIs

Want to identify and micro-target your ideal customers to improve marketing efficiency? Interested in getting a 360° view of your current/potential customers, and what their consumer footprint is (demographics, psychographics, online/offline behaviour, etc.)?


Our APIs integrate with your CRM systems and enable your marketing team to micro-target your ideal customers, saving you on ad-spend and increasing your ROI.

What Our Clients Say

"The smartest product
that helps us truly understand our ideal target markets"

- A Leading Canadian University

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